Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hello There!

Yes, hello there and welcome to Henry's Asylum. This is an experiment designed to hone my writing skills a bit. I'll be posting various things that I find of interest and maybe, in a few years time, I'll stumble upon a formula that might actually interest a tiny segment of the public. We'll see.
Right now, I'm in the heart of a (mostly deserted) factory\warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee (on the edge of Mississippi - where I live). It's quiet since most of place is undergoing a software upgrade. But not my group. We'll be here till well after midnight, toiling away (with the exception of the occasional blog break, of course). You see, I'm what's called a Production Supervisor. We fix computer printers (well at least we try). I supervise both 1st and 2nd shift, dividing my time between the two. There are a little over 100 people in my tiny little empire and I've been on this account for over two years. Life has certainly taken an unusual turn. Follow me as I chronicle the twists and turns (and opinions\"interesting" things) that dot the various roads that I travel...


At 6:55 AM, Blogger Ken Begg said...

It'll make B-Fest all the sweeter next year, my friend.


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