Friday, March 25, 2005

Nightime Cubeland Express

Here we are, coming to the close of another week (just one more day - I'm off Easter Sunday) and I find myself starting (starting?) to run down as a result of the hours I’m currently working. That should change sometime towards the end of April (I hope) because the effects are starting to show on me and my co-workers. Writing can be especially hard at the end of the week, because it becomes more difficult to filter out the distractions around me as I take lunch in my “cube adjacent to the production floor”. Whoever designed this floor plan should be taken into custody and made to watch “Sextette” over and over again with a few showings of “The Star Wars Holiday Special” as the only intermission. Where I work, we have the “office area” which is separate from the production floor and thus quite comfortable and quiet. Then there was “cubeland” which was constructed in the far section of the production floor. However, they needed most of the cubes for the new building, so all but 10 cubes (out of about 50) were dismantled and carted away. This means that most of the outside cube dwellers were re-located or just disenfranchised. I was one of the “lucky ones” since I’m a Production Supervisor and not just a cube dweller wannabe. By cracky, I’m an authentic cube dweller. But still all the wonderful noises, harsh lights and the occasional dramatic temperature change (open shipping door) comprise the “benefits” of a production floor cube. Thus, come lunchtime\blog writing time, I use the meditation techniques that I learned from Kwai Chang on the old “Kung Fu” series, retreat inside myself and hammer out the blog. Speaking of which (“Kung Fu”, that is) – man, did I enjoy that series. It’s based on a concept called “The Warrior” by none other than Bruce Lee. However, he got shafted and they gave the deal over to David Carradine. Although I feel sorry for the late Mr. Lee, it’s my sincere belief that the right actor got the part. The show, as it turned out, was geared more towards a concept of Eastern philosophy more accessible to Western culture than it would have been with Bruce. Who knows, I could be wrong. Anyway, I’ve managed to stumble my way through another blog entry. Maybe, tomorrow, I’ll find myself in a more imaginative frame of mind.


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