Saturday, March 26, 2005

Paralyzed By The Tube

As most folks have already heard, Silver Pictures has signed on Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) to helm the new “Wonder Woman” feature film. Will it be good? Who knows. My guess is that it will fall somewhere in the mediocre range. You know what I mean. Good special effects (because they’ve pretty much become a given, these days. Although “Van Helsing” managed to seriously rain on that parade). Some level of cleverness (“Buffy” had its’ moments) and some decent acting (at least from someone). That’s about par for the course. But like I said, who knows? It’s always possible that they’ll stumble their way into a genuinely good film. It’s pretty much a blind call. But I’ll tell you this much – I’m willing to bet the farm that it wont become one of my all time favorites. You know - the ones that you're willing to watch over and over like some half-crazed coke fiend who just has to “do it one more time”. Witness, if you will (channeling the spirit of Rod Serling, there), a short list of movies that I just have to watch when I come across them on the tube:
“The Outlaw Josie Wales” (heaven help me when this comes on. I’m immobilized for next 12 hours – which is, I think, the running time for this flick)
“The Bird Cage” (just too funny. Especially the part where Agador Spartacus slips and falls because he’s wearing shoes)
“Casablanca” (“save me, Rick”)
“The Cheyenne Social Club” (I have no idea why – it’s just me, I guess)
“Unforgiven” (It’s a Clint Eastwood thing – see “The Outlaw Josie Wales”)
“House on Haunted Hill” (Vincent Price’s best work, ever)
“David and Lisa” (my all time favorite film. Yes, I’m a bit morbid.)
“Son of Frankenstein” “Ghost of Frankenstein” (if you have to ask, I feel sorry for you)
“L’Ultimo uomo della Terra” (“The Last Man on Earth”) – because it pretty much mirrors my typical day at work.
So, anyway, there you have it. My short list of movies that immediately stop me in my track and force me to sit and watch – time and again.


At 2:23 AM, Anonymous Mr. Blue said...

I know what you mean.
Even though I actually own these on DVD: Jaws, Alien, the "Dollars" trilogy, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, anything with Godzilla


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