Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I Could Use a Painkiller

Well, I’ll be darned. No Lileks column to read while eating my sandwich. I wonder what happened. Although, it’s not like he isn’t entitled to a day off, every now and again. Still, though, it throws my day off a bit. It’s like going over to a friend’s house to visit and discovering that they’re not home. Oh well, back in the car and make the long, lonely drive home. No hanging out till all hours and eating chips and salsa for you tonight, Henry. Well, maybe not the “hanging out till all hours” part. After all, I still get to romp with the fun guys and gals, here, at the warehouse. At least I’m doing better than Johnnie Cochran (who passed away, today). I was never a big fan of his after the O.J. deal but if I ever needed a legal assist, he’s the one I would’ve wanted to defend me. When you’re good, you’re good.
Note to self - I have definitely got to start planning my next vacation. Looking forward to something like that will take the edge off the current dismal cloud that seems to hover over me. You know, I think I need to play my computer games more, when I get home from work. I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing that since I don’t feel like committing to any complexities beyond surfing the Net or watching a movie. But I own a few good FPSs (“First Person Shooters”) like “Doom 3” and “Painkiller”. Even though my favorite type of game is a RTS (“Real Time Strategy”), there’s something oh-so-satisfying about blowing away a few folks with a variety of imaginative weapons. “Painkiller” has a nice “stake through the heart” crossbow type rifle. Wheeling around, seeing a demon and sending that sharp spike of wood through it’s body delivers a sense of peace and accomplishment that, unfortunately, the Human Resources Dept. just refuses to allow me. They had some lame explanation to the effect that I could “terminate a poorly performing employee’s job – but not the employees, themselves”. Fascists.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger Cullen M. M. Waters said...

While I enjoy FPS and RTS games, give me an RPG any day. I've never been quite quick enough for the FPS and I tend to do Phyrrus proud in the RTS and other strategy games.


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