Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do you have your resume with you?

Today was “interview day” at work. We’re currently hiring a number of new technicians to fill some vacancies in my department. Since I’m the Production Supervisor for the section, it falls on me to do the interviews as the agencies filter the hopeful candidates through their own system. I feel sorry for these guys. Here you have a whole range of life circumstances arrayed before you. Jobs that are needed to support families. Kids with degrees – the ink still wet. No jobs to be had without experience. No experience to be had without a job to begin with. Ridiculous.
They come in all shapes and sizes. The savvy ones who "know how to interview". Any questions for me? Answer: “When can I start?” I try not to roll my eyes. The funny thing is – they never really understand what it would take for me to sign them on. “ I need a job, badly and I promise to do my best”. Interview over. You start Monday – we’ll see how it works out. Of course, this only works with your standard candidates. You always get one or two that make you wonder whether or not the agency had run out of decent applicants and had taken to checking out the alleys behind the various liquor stores in town. It wears on you pretty fast. Makes the whole day drag afterwards. Two more hours to go, then it’s home, the family (asleep), the dog (awake) and the cats (ambivalent – till the food comes out). I have tickets for a Jethro Tull concert at the Casino, this Saturday. Things are looking up (until I suddenly remember “Oasis of the Zombies”) Must. Not. Think. About. That.


At 9:25 PM, Blogger BeckoningChasm said...

Though I have a job, I'm going through the interview thing as well (as supplicant, not master). Most times I wish we could forget the parry and thrust of the interview and just be honest: "I need this job because of [x]."

"Well, I can/can't hire you because of [z]."

As for cats...I feed four of them. What other species on the planet gets treats simply for existing?

Who owns whom?


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