Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cross-eyed Henry

Well, here I am during a free moment at work – surrounded by the production ambience of a material existence. These last few days have had a similar motif with the exception of me spending money, as opposed to making it. The Yin and Yang of the “responsible” adult life. When I was much younger, it was mostly just Yang with someone else’s Yin (parents, you know). Now I get to hear the cheeping of baby birds waiting for me to deposit the goods in those needy beaks and you know what? It’s my pleasure to do so.
This weekend was excellent. My wife and I postponed our Monday anniversary till Saturday (I hear you can do that) since I had the foresight to check TicketMaster on a regular basis and found out, a couple of months ago, that Jethro Tull was playing at the Grand Casino which is pretty close to where we live. I'm glad I looked, too, since there was no local advertising. No need - they still sold out. We drove out there, ate at the casino buffet – which is amazingly good and very inexpensive (thanks to the good folks stuck out at the slots happily paying for a good portion of our meals). I have to admit, Cheryl and I did gamble a total of $11 between us. But it’s really not gambling. You see, for us it’s just fun to watch the machines light up and do their thing. So if you gamble a few dollars at the nickel slots and the machines do light up (which of course they do) – then you have bought and paid for entertainment (which is not really a “gamble” now, is it?). Shortly thereafter, we hustled ourselves over to the concert area for 2 solid hours of extremely well done vocals and instruments as only Jethro Tull can provide. The only disconcerting thing about a Jethro Tull concert is the sight of all the ageing fans. Of course, we’re not really “ageing”. We’re just “seasoning” – like wood (or something).
I’m also happy to report that I had a chance to watch “Oasis of the Zombies” in its’ entirety. I’ll go into the details in a day or so – but I’ll say this much now. Who gave these people the go ahead to do this movie. I’m not kidding – I could grab a camera (I wouldn’t even have to be in Italy – Mississippi will do, nicely), scope out some young women, have them slap on bikinis, shoot pictures of their butts and still outdo this film. “Inept” doesn’t even come close as a description of the proceedings paraded here. As far as monsters go, the kids that show up at my door on Halloween have them beat. Shoot – I have them beat when I first wake up in the morning. But, I’ll get more into that later. Until next time – I hope you have a peaceful evening…


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