Friday, April 01, 2005

A Culture of Whatever

Here it is, another Friday. This would be a special day if not for the fact that I’m working tomorrow, as well. My energy fades as the week comes to a close, so I really don’t have too much to say, at this point. I’ve visited all the usual blogs that I check on a daily basis and made the rounds, here, at work. As I was telling a co-worker, some evenings, after I finish all of my reports, I turn into nothing more special than a glorified baby-sitter. That, in and of itself, would not be much of an issue if something really happened that needed my attention. But, for the most part, these last few days have been uneventful so the evening just drags.
Last night I did get to watch some “Night Gallery” as I had mentioned in my previous entry. An altogether satisfying affair. Tonight, though, I’m so tired that I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get home. Maybe I’ll get to bed early. I think, that in some strange way, the events in the news have been tiring me out a bit with their somber depression. Unlike George Bush’s vision of America, I have to disagree and say that, lately, there’s been a Culture of Death. First with Terry and now our death watch over the pope. This is supposed to be spring, yet it feels like winter. I guess it could be worse. Whenever I find my thoughts turning towards the morbid, I try to visualize scenes from “Requiem for a Dream” (which I own on DVD). Now there’s a depressing movie. It’s broken up into seasons – summer, autumn and winter (no spring – therefore no “hope”). I highly recommend it. I picked it up in a set along with “Pi – Faith in Chaos” which is another excellent film. Well, that’s about it, for now. Maybe I’ll be more energetic tomorrow. Yeah, right.
About a half hour after I wrote this, I had to solicit Security to assist me in escorting an employee off the premises for obvious intoxication. See what I mean about "baby-sitter".


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Lily said...

Requiem For A Dream was definitely my anti-drug (and it keeps working its magic).

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Mr. Blue said...

Man, I don't know how you can watch Requiem for a Dream more than once. Yes, it's an incredible film. But it broke me up when I saw it. Don't think I'll be able to watch it again.

PI, on the other hand, I actually own. Cool stuff.


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