Thursday, April 07, 2005

Standing on the Shores of Slumber

Darkness has descended, but the bustle of activity around me is ceaseless. It’s as if I was standing on the shores of a restless ocean under the springtime moon. Everything lit by its fluorescent glow as the waves crash in front of me. Each harsh sound folding into the next as the tempo stretches across time to a place beyond all thoughts of home. People scurry unseen – but they’re there. I can hear them. A cornucopia of dreams and a distant southern cemetery of cast off hopes. All huddled and bustled. Regulated and ricocheted from one task to another as the clock ticks away the dollars to fill meager coffers. The dream becomes a bed – a place to sleep with stomachs fat from grateful meals of bread and meat. The prayers, the closing of leaden lids and the welcome darkness while flying towards dreams of home and those long lost and those now held dear. The sweet saccharine quiet until sunlight taps those sleep encrusted lids open. The new day. The old day. The march towards the familiar huddles and soothing sounds of another epoch at work...

You know – I think playing “Painkiller” before bedtime has really mellowed me out.

Speaking of Godzilla – I was over at correspondent Cullen’s site where he’s busy posting capsule synopsis reviews of the various films that this famous halitosis-challenged dinosaur has appeared in. I’ve always been a huge fan of the original film (“Gojira”) and I feel that it’s the best one ever made (let’s face it, some were downright silly). My tastes, recently, have turned more towards the experimental although I’ve always leaned a bit in that direction (“May”, “Audition”). This is one of the primary reasons why I’m so grateful to Netflix. As I snake my way through the labyrinths of various Internet movie sites, I find myself slowly composing a formidable list of heretofore unknown (to me) treasures that I can instantly add to my queue (which currently sits at 114). This is truly one of the great joys in my life. Man, have I become pathetic, or what?


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Cullen M. M. Waters said...

I've been watching horror movies for most of my life, and nothing has gotten under my skin like Audition. Powerful and strange.

Thanks for the plug, by the by.


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