Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No More Rain, Please

It’s a bright, crisp sunny day outside. The dreary, “chilled to the bone”, rain has finally left and we can all WAKE UP, now. Haven’t done much in the way of movie viewing, in the last few days. I need to catch up, otherwise I’m tossing away Netflix money. I’ve got five that I need to take a look at within the next few days. They are:
“Grizzly Man” (which really sounds more like “stupid man” when you read the storyline and reviews)
“Brother John” (an often overlooked Sidney Poitier film that I liked as a kid, when it first came out. I’ll review it after I see it to see if it’s held up against the test of time).
“Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte” (Grand Guignol at it’s finest)
“Black Sunday” (“La maschera del demonio” – Mario Bava’s first starring the amazing Barbara Steele. I’ve been in love with her ever since “Castle of Blood” aka “Danza Macabra” I have the European version of that with all the "naughty scenes" left in. They're in the original French and, trust me, they're not all that "naughty" - face it, it was 1964 for crying out loud.) and finally...
MSTK 300 “Gunslinger” (just because)

The new position is going well. More responsibilities, but I’m keeping up. The office folks seem to relate to me a little differently, now. Like, all of a sudden, I know what I’m talking about as opposed to the volumes of useful information they use to ignore, coming from me. Schmucks. Oh well, so the Lord grows my tiny empire…


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