Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Write With Caution

Nice day all around, so far. I like to write stuff like that, lest this turn out to be one of those “Night Gallery Blogs” ala Patty Duke in that episode “The Diary”. In that one, she played a mean spirited celebrity gossip person who enjoyed ruining careers as much as she enjoyed dated 70’s New Years Eve parties (complete with diapered midget – don’t ask). She was given a one-year diary by a fading starlet that had been the recent target of her venomous commentaries. Shortly thereafter, the unfortunate woman committed suicide and the diary begin to produce some rather interesting entries that it’s owner doesn’t recall writing. It has a nice twist at the end that I won’t reveal and I recommend seeking the episode out. You can find it in the First Season collection of “Night Gallery” on DVD. It’s a nice box set and well worth the money. Anyway, as I said earlier, I like to write nice things occasionally with the hopes that anything I place in this blog will eventually come to pass. Hey, that’s a decent idea for a story.
Last night, I got out my old VHS tapes and re-visited “The Black Sleep” which has an amazing cast and “Night of the Ghouls” (Ed Wood) – which doesn’t. Each has it’s charms which I may go into tomorrow. Or not. We’ll see.


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