Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Here we are at August 1st and, as promised (to myself), I’m back in the blogging zone. Every now and again I need a break from my self-imposed “obligations” that really make no sense considering the real obligations that I face on a daily basis. Now that things are heating up at work, I can see that my timing for my recent vacation to Albuquerque was quite fortuitous. It really couldn’t have come at a better time. The moving of my project to a different building plus various drastic (although not bad) changes in my home life had taken their toll and I needed a change of scenery. Just to give you an idea of my need for a vacation, consider this – I still have 4 weeks of vacation time coming to me! Amazing.
I had anticipated that gas prices might drive up airfares, so I purchased my flight tickets on-line about 2 months early. After securing myself in my new living quarters (read new apartment), I informed my family, in Albuquerque, of my impending arrival. This was met with great enthusiasm and immediate inquiries regarding my menu choices. There were a few items that I had really missed over the years and these were to be prepared. The list goes like this:
Lasagna, manchupa (pronounced in the shortened Cape Verdean version “manchup” – phonetically mun – choop), fried codfish cakes, linguica and a trip to a good quality New Mexican restaurant.
I felt like I had hit the lottery.
Tomorrow – “The Journey Home”


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